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I look forward to hearing from you and I will endeavour to answer all questions submitted.

Please understand that this may not always be possible due to the changing and often complex nature of my schedule, however I do appreciate and respect your opinion and thank you for taking the time to comment or enquire.

  1. Josefina Matamala says:

    I really like your comments in relation to the same-sex marriage bill. It definitely needs to be dealt at national level.

  2. Stephen Mazza says:

    I’m a new voter in Nelson, and Tasmania. Though I tend to support the Liberals I’m open to independents and interested in your views. Just wondering what your views on environmental action and its associated economic consequences are.

    • JIm Wilkinson says:

      Thank you for your comment. I have always been an advocate for freedom of speech and therefore the right to protest so long as the protest is a lawful one. Thanks again, regards Jim.

  3. Carol Rea says:

    Why do you not have an electoral office for constituents to visit?

    • JIm Wilkinson says:

      Thanks for your comment Carol. My electoral office is at Parliament House. This is consistent with other Legislative Council Members who have city electorates. It is also the same in Launceston where members use Henty House. It is worth noting that it takes me no more than 30 minutes to drive from one end of the electorate to the other and I have always been willing to travel to people’s homes to speak with them if they have an issue. I have always treated the spending of government monies with great care and the cost of servicing an electorate office in Nelson amounts to approx. $100,000 per annum. I have therefore saved the tax payer well over 1 million dollars as a result of having my electoral office at Parliament. Many jobs and operations can be paid for in preference to having another office especially when I have always been accessible to constituents. Thanks for your interest. Regards Jim.

  4. Carol Rea says:

    Since you do not have an electoral office in the community does this mean you have not accepted the allowance ? I would also like to say that Henty House is a building within the Launceston community which is not comparable with visiting Parliament. House in Hobart.e

    • JIm Wilkinson says:

      Thanks Carol. I have not accepted any allowance for a political office over the past 18 years. People in Nelson have always either visited me in my parlimentary office or alternatively if required I visit them at home. This is a significant cost saving for the state and in no way inhibits my contact witht the electorate.

  5. Tom Nilsson says:

    Hi Jim. I would like to know if you will offer yourself as a potential minister under a Will Hodgman government if he is elected next year?

  6. Peter Walford says:

    How many days a year does the Legislative Council meet?

    • JIm Wilkinson says:

      The Legislative Council actually sits in Parliament for between 50 and 60 days a year. There are many more days spent sitting in committee rooms obtaining evidence in either joint select committees or committees of the Upper House. To endeavour to equate the work of the Legislative Council solely to its sitting days would be a total misunderstanding of the way the council works.

  7. Kath Bradfield says:

    Hi Jim, what is your position in relation to Michelle O’Byrne’s abortion bill? Both the 16 week right to terminate and the up to birth option with the sanction of medical practitioner support?

    • JIm Wilkinson says:

      I believe the bill is a poor one, especially as you will be able to terminate pregnancies at a very late stage for reasons such as social and economic. Thanks for your enquiry. Jim.